Magic: The Gathering - Glen Elendra Archmage Card Art

ARTIST: Rian Gonzales
PRICE: $10,000.00

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Title: Magic: The Gathering - Glen Elendra Archmage Card Art
Issue: 0
Page: 0
Media Type: Watercolor
Art Type: Specialty Piece
Artists: Rian Gonzales (all)

Gouache on 300gsm Strathmore hot-pressed watercolor paper, 11.5 x 14 inches. (29.21cm by 35.56cm)

This is Rian’s FIRST EVER ART for Magic The Gathering!


We got the most requested piece in our short history as an original art site! It’s Rian Gonzales’ card art from Magic The Gathering. We’ll be honest… We learned that there’s another market for card art and it’s huge! There is a thin line between the comic art collectors and the card art collectors! A lot of these collectors trade and sell within Facebook. So we decided to have the piece auctioned at the MTG Art Market Group. Here’s the link to that group…


If you are interested to place a bid on Rian’s piece, you will need to join the group and we will have to abide by their rules so bids can only be sent via commenting on the post or by sending a private message on Facebook Messenger. 


The piece will be posted on February 17 so please do check out the group!


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